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Muds & Salts

Body treatments. There’s nothing better than the feel of soft smooth silky skin.

Especially when its yours! 

We use the finest organic products to give you an overall glow you’ll feel on the inside too.

Salty Affair ​     45 min $90

Polish your skin to perfection with our blend of crushed macadamia seeds and sea salts to leave your skin completely renewed from top to toe, finished with a warm oil and body butter application

We recommend drinking plenty of water before and after any of our full body treatments to help keep the body hydrated and aid in the detoxification process.


Herbal Cream Body Indulgence    45 min $98

This intensive body wrap will awaken and hydrate all skin types whilst aiding to brighten and repair the skin. Beginning with dry body brushing ritual you will then be wrapped in a heated cocoon and receive a delicious hair and scalp treatment. Concluding with a warm body butter application from head to toe.


Salty Affair & Body Wrap   75 min  $140

For the complete body package indulge yourself with a full body salt exfoliation followed by a hydra cream body wrap, whilst you drift away in your heated cocoon you will enjoy a hair and scalp treatment and a foot massage, followed by a warm oil and body butter application to leave you feeling all brand new.

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